An amateur baker moves in with her boyfriend just as her sourdough starter develops a sinister craving


Unemployed Laila reluctantly moves in with her boyfriend Win to cover rent. But Win’s sudden, domineering presence disrupts Laila's one true solace in life: baking. Suddenly, Laila makes a surprising discovery: blood improves the quality of her bread dough. But as her blood-thirsty starter grows, Laila struggles to keep the monstrous mixture a secret.


Drawing from the Cult of Domesticity, Breadwinner explores themes of power, co-dependence, and agency.

BREADWINNER combines a psychological drama with comedic horror elements

The film plays into pulp horrors like The Stuff and Little Shop of Horrors where the lives of ordinary people are disrupted by a monster that both embodies and exploits their deepest desires.



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